About Us

Central Church of Christ, Lethbridge is committed to making a difference in the world for Jesus Christ by turning people into fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.  We are God's People; Celebrating God, Building His House, Changing the world! Here is what it means to be God's People:

Celebrating God: The primary responsibility of mankind to glorify God, who he is, what he has done and to live our lives in full response to Him. 

Cultivating (reaching out): Cultivate relationships for Jesus Christ. By this we are talking about building relationships bridges of integrity (honesty, compassion, consistency) within each person, and within the groups sphere of influence by which we might share the good news of Jesus Christ.

Connecting People: Connect people to Jesus Christ (that they might have eternal life). Jesus Christ's death was to reconnect His creation, to Himself. Likewise the work of His people is to be connected to Him and to connect others to Him. The Biblical word for this is atonement, the bringing together of man with God. It is a matter of eternal life. This is bringing people to and through the point.   Central Church of Christ Policies and Procedures of decision, baptism and the initial stages of their Christian life. In this process people are connected to one another as well (Eph. 2:14-18) 


Renewing: Renew People into the image of Christ. Once in relationship with God He begins renewing us so that our lives demonstrate fruit like: affection for others, exuberance about life, serenity, stick-to-itiveness, compassion, loyalty, holiness, goodness, love, compassion, long suffering (Gal 5:22-26). We do this through the encouragement and teaching within the fellowship, and personal disciplines of faith and through the sanction work of the Holy Spirit.


Empowering: Empowering people to serve God with their gifts and talents God has given them. This is to equip and train God's people to use the gifts God has given them to serve His creation. These spiritual gifts which help us in our tasks and individualize what those tasks are give us the resources to build up His house, the church. The goal of this is to "build up the body."

Releasing: Release people to fulfill their mission for God. In the full sense the disciple of Christ is released to pursue God's unique and individual calling on their life. They are not freed from God but freed into a fuller understanding as to the why of their existence. This is the life fully sacrificed to God (Rom 12:2) and is fully committed to making a difference in the world through the hope of Jesus Christ.


A) Christian church - our message is that "Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the living God". We require no other creed than this one. He alone is Lord and Saviour 

B) A church of Christ - The church belongs to Him. We have no other authority to change the teachings, rewrite the rules, or usurp His Authority. In the strictest sense the church is not a democracy in which the vote of the people can override the commands of the Lord.

C) A church seeking unity - In John chapter 17 Jesus prayed that the church might have unity. And so, we strive to be harmonious with all others who seek the kingdom of our mutual Lord, Jesus Christ.

D) A church seeking restoration - As much as possible we are trying to imitate the New Testament precedents. That is why our Baptism is by immersion, our Communion is given every Lord's day, our preaching is about Christ, and our prayers are in Christ's name. Even our church name is an attempt to imitate the earliest disciples who were called Christians (Acts 11:26) and the local congregations were often addressed as "the churches of Christ."

E) An apostolic church - Whatever we know about Christ and the church we have learned through the teachings and writings of Jesus' closest companions, the apostles. Therefore, we carefully study the New Testament, for it records their testimonies. We want to build on no other foundation than the one Jesus Christ intended.

F) A thinking church - Christian faith demands the best our minds can give. So we are a studying church, wanting to know what the Bible teaches and how we can intelligently apply its teachings to today's world.

G) A feeling church - Ours is not a dryly intellectual approach to God. We rejoice in the Lord, praising, praying and loving from the heart. We are not ashamed of the gospel and we are not embarrassed to let our excitement be seen.

H) A sharing church - Because of our excitement about Christ, we eagerly share the Good News about Him with others. We see our possessions, our money, our property and our lives as belonging to the Lord: We want to use everything we have to help His cause and be good neighbors to all we touch.

I) A free church - Like the earliest churches, ours is an independent congregation. As a congregation we elect our own leaders, call and support our ministers, decide where our mission money will go, and in every way determine the program of the church. We freely associate with other congregations and Christians who share our convictions. In this sense we are an interdependent, not independent, church.

J) A growing church - We want to grow numerically, because of Christ's commission to disciple the world, We want to grow spiritually and in faith, because we have not yet achieved all Christ wants us to. We want to grow as individuals, developing in service and love for Christ; to know the full joy of His salvation.



Our Mission

We who comprise Central Church of Christ we commit ourselves to "be God's people - Celebrating His name and changing the world according to His will and plan. We will reach out - CULTIVATING relational bridges of integrity through which we can bring non-believers into relationship with God. Having introduced them to Jesus Christ and His church we will endeavor to make this CONNECTION real by their receiving Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour, being baptized, and beginning their walk in "God's House" as one of His children. Now, connected with God we begin RENEWING people into the image God intended for them, holiness, wholeness, compassion etc. The next stage is EMPOWERING people for ministry - equipping them with an understanding of their God given gifts and getting them started in serving, caring and building up God's House (the body of Christ, the church). Finally, we RELEASE - As they develop in their giftedness, we want to release them to the fullness of God's call on their lives that they might carry the cross of Jesus Christ in their lives in the ongoing mission of Christ.

  1. Core Principles for Leadership 

  1. We will in everything, to the best of our knowledge, endeavor to be what God wants us to be, in life, in character, in ministry and in programming. (Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength and love your neighbor as yourself.)

  2. The scripture is our primary source by which we test all truths (‘Discern the spirits.’) 2 Tim 3:...

  3. We will work together as the body of Christ (with other believers) to accomplish the work of God's Kingdom, setting aside our own goals, ambitions and motives. John 17:21...

  1. Goals

  1. Our chief goal is to glorify God in all things. Our Mission by which this is accomplished through:

I. All people coming into meaningful relationships with him. Matt. 28:19-20 "make disciples (learning followers) of all nations..."

(1) These relationships should reflect:

  • that God is the creator, and we are his creation through submission, worship (admiration and love), obedience (devotion).

  • It is a relationship of salvation. Without this relationship founded in the atoning death of Jesus Christ. Enlivened by his resurrection, post resurrection appearances and ascension and held by His coming return.

ii. That those who enter into this relationship will strive to grow (mature) into the "image of Jesus Christ" (Eph 4:12-13)

  1. Vision 

The vision we believe God has given Central Church of Christ.

  1. Central Church of Christ is committed to making a difference in the world for Jesus Christ by turning people into fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.

  2. Being fully devoted they will:

i. Impact their peers, co-workers, neighbors and their family members through:

  1. Demonstrating the effects of Jesus transforming love (character)

  2. Communicating the truths of God's love, and the need to accept his gift of salvation. (cultivating)

ii. Live a life of worship through

  1. Participation in regular group worship (celebration)

  2. Making time for regular personal devotions & Bible reading.

  3. Giving back to God in their time, talents and giftedness.

iii. Serving (according to giftedness) in specific ministry areas that build up the body of Christ (either from within, or in outreach). (care)

iv. Commit to lifetime Christian ministry whether vocationally or otherwise.

  1.  The result will be that Central Church of Christ will:

i. grow locally, influentially, numerically, spiritually (holiness, character etc.), Biblically ii. send people out into a variety of mission venues, both local and cross-cultural iii. and support in significant ways World missions

  1. Strategy
    Our strategy to fulfill the vision God has given us.

  1. Present the gospel in every aspect of what we do to those who have not received Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour and to give opportunity to respond in faith, and obedience beginning with immersion in baptism and continuing on in faithful living in this salvation relationship.

  2. Equip

i. Studies that build their understanding of God through scripture, that provide help in identifying areas of giftedness and opportunities to serve, that give them skills in communicating the basics of the gospel.

  1. Provide opportunities for worship

i. We will strive to lead them in a balanced style of worship that appeals to the cross-section of our congregation.

ii. We will also provide avenues for target specific worship.

  1. Provide avenues for introducing others to Jesus Christ.

i. Building our Bible School program ii. Developing ministry that strengthens the family.

ii.Encourage involvement in settings outside of the immediate ministry of Central Church of Christ

iii. to keep believers in a relationship with non-believers. iv. Equip believers to share their faith.

  1. Build their understanding of the church as the living body of Christ in our world. 

i. encouraging their participation in every level, serving, caring, building relationships, financial.

  1. Introduce the people to broader avenues of Christian ministry

i. Involving them in missions both sportively and experientially. i.e. communication and financially supporting missions. Going on mission trips, inner city work, local action i.e VBS. etc.